Untreated Panic Attacks Can Lead To Panic Disorder

Untreated Panic Attacks Can Lead To Panic Disorder

The chance of a panic attack or two progressing into a panic disorder is extremely high if left untreated. Many who suffer from a panic attack for the first time, do not realize that it is a panic attack. Instead, regard it as a life-threatening medical condition that requires being rushed to the emergency room immediately. There the doctor can help diagnose if it is a panic attack or a medical condition.

The feeling of being in extreme danger is authentic for the individual suffering from the panic attack. But this fear may seem irrational to others. Your heart rate increases rapidly and makes breathing difficult giving a feeling of dying or going insane. These panic attacks often strike out of the blue and sometimes it is unclear what triggered it. The physical symptoms usually reach their peak within ten minutes and last for usually half an hour. If proper diagnosis and treatment are not taken, these panic attacks can become more frequent progressing forward.

Panic attacks can often occur all of a sudden even when the individual seems to be in a relaxed state. Many are also woken up from their sleep while in the midst of a full-blown panic attack. Once one suffers a panic attack in a specific social setting or a place, they may avoid it afterward. A person with the panic disorder is often living in fear of the fear of suffering from a panic attack. That is they dread future panic attacks even before they occur. This fear of panic attacks can cause them to resort to extreme avoidance of phobic situations. If one suffered a panic attack at work or on the way, it might result in avoiding that situation altogether. Ultimately, they decide that they feel the safest only at home and avoid stepping outside completely. That leads to agoraphobia. This can impose restrictions on living life the way they used to. The resultant isolation can often lead to other disorders as well. Such as depression and substance abuse disorders, etc.

The condition usually surfaces during adolescence or early adulthood. But may even occur during childhood. Twice as many women as men are suffering from Panic Disorder. Also, there is a high chance of being diagnosed with the disorder, if it has been in the family.

Even when the symptoms are evident, many still do not resort to professional help and treatment. That is because they fear to talk about the condition even with their doctor or loved ones. But proper treatment is necessary to learn to manage these panic attacks. There is no need to give in to your panic and let it take over your life. It is high time to get your life back with proper diagnosis and treatment. Treatment is usually a combination of medication and therapy. Your Psychiatrist Orlando FL will decide upon the best course of treatment depending on the diagnosis.

Most importantly, bear in mind that seeking help is necessary to get your life back. Contact us now to make the right decision. Here at Silver Lining Psychiatry, we provide professional diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of mental health issues. There is no reason to struggle anymore when you can get the help needed from us.

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