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We at Silver Lining Psychiatry (Psychiatrist Orlando) believe “Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining.” We work towards capturing a person’s self esteem, self expression and capacity to channel his or her energy to achieve personal goals in a balanced way. SLP provides exceptional behavioral healthcare for adults. adolescents, and geriatric population in the Orlando Metro area. Our Orlando Psychiatrists and staff here at Silver Lining are committed to offer an outstanding mental healthcare experience. Our Compassionate doctors specialize in the assessment and treat of a wide array of mental health disorders. We understand the each patient is a unique individual who requires a personalized effective treatment plan that is beneficial towards their health and personal goals.

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Psychiatric Evaluations

Your Orlando Psychiatrists provide initial Psychiatric Evaluations. During your initial Psychiatric Evaluation at Silver Lining, you will be assessed by one our our empathetic providers. The initial Psychiatric Evaluation is required at the beginning of a patient’s treatment. The Evaluation consists of the provider evaluating your mental and physical state from a multitude of areas. 

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Medication Management

Medication Management is an essential part of your treatment here at Silver Lining Psychiatry Orlando. After your Initial Psychiatric Evaluation, your Psychiatrist may prescribe you medication, suggest Psychotherapy with one of our partnered therapists in Orlando, or a combination of both. When patients are prescribed medication, they are required to schedule follow up  

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