Finding It Hard To “Get Over It”?

Finding It Hard To “Get Over It”?

Adjustment Disorder or Situational Depression can make it hard for a person to “get over” things easily. Adjustment Disorder is characterized by an abnormal or excessive reaction to a life stressor that can be identified. An excessive negative reaction that affects the social and academic functioning can be observed.

Considering Adjustment Disorder, there are certain factors that come into play. One is that the symptoms should arise within three months of being exposed to the life stressor in question. Also, the symptoms should not last longer than six months after the life stressor ends.

The life stressors that cause the onset of such behavior maybe different. That is they could be a single occurrence, multiple occurrences, repetitive occurrences or even continuous occurrences. A single event could be a sudden natural disaster, new school, new job, marriage or divorce even. Multiple occurrences are usually problems that arise together from one root cause. This could be various business troubles or work problems and such. A child having to witness his or her parents fighting constantly is a good example for such a recurrent life stressor. Living in a crime ridden neighborhood can be a continuous life stressor on the other hand. Some individuals often find it quite difficult to pinpoint which life stressor is triggering the condition.

Life stressors can cause individuals to react differently. In the case of Adjustment Disorder, the reactions to these life stressors maybe abnormal and excessive. But what are the other symptoms that help identify the presence of the condition. Adjustment Disorder maybe associated with depression, anxiety and even suicidal behavior. Also, there is a high risk of substance abuse connected to the condition. Individuals with the disorder may be easily agitated and often complaint about physical pains and aches. Trembling and twitching may also come into play in some cases. Also, the condition can cause many to withdraw from their surroundings resulting in social isolation.

It is important to realize that failure to treat Adjustment Disorder promptly and properly could lead to Major Depressive Disorder. If left untreated, it can cause severe problems to the functioning of a person’s daily life. Also, when going through Adjustment Disorder, emotional and mental support can help go a long way.

It is best to opt for professional treatment when it comes to addressing Adjustment Disorder. The course of treatment may be designed upon after conducting a full and proper diagnosis of the prevalent condition. After successful diagnosis, usually the form of treatment that is preferred in this scenario is psychotherapy. It will help address the symptoms resulting from the disorder. It is also important to be able to cope or avoid future life stressors where possible.

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