Dr. Saleh Parvez, M.D.

Your Orlando Psychiatrist

Dr. Saleh Parvez is an adult Psychiatrist who treats patients from adolescent to geriatric spectrum of population. He has an extensive experience of working as a researcher, clinician, administrator, and faculty. Dr. Parvez, did most of his work and training in the University of Oklahoma, Griffin Memorial Hospital, VA Medical Center, Fort Smith, AR and University of Missouri, Columbia. Once he moved to Florida he got on board with Winter Haven Hospital/Bay Care Health.

Dr. Parvez’s passion for teaching never got waived. Once he finished his 4 year long teaching tenureship at University of Missouri, he continued his habit sharing knowledge and hands-on skills as a faculty of UCF, School of Medicine, Orlando, FL.

Dr. Parvez believes personal and professional development is a lifelong process. Dr. Parvez has a rare quality to connect with others in a meaningful way. 

He is a positive and outgoing person who enjoys the opportunities to help other people, through his roles as a teacher and physician. He believes encouragement and personal support provides a profound impact on patient’s healing. He holds himself to the highest standards of integrity and principle when it comes to treating his patients.

In his spare time, Dr. Parvez enjoys spending time with his kids and wife. 

He enjoys Florida’s breathtaking landscape, cruising through the Everglades and exploring its pristine beaches. He also loves to grow tropical fruits, golfing and practicing his culinary skills. 




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