Initial Psychiatric Evaluations

Psychiatric Evaluations in Orlando Florida

Your Orlando Psychiatrists provide initial Psychiatric Evaluations. During your initial Psychiatric Evaluation at Silver Lining, you will be assessed by one of our providers. The initial Psychiatric Evaluation is required at the beginning of a patient’s treatment. The Evaluation consists of the provider assessment and diagnoses of your mental health.   Our providers will often prescribe you medications and or refer you to a nearby therapist. Our Psychiatrists at Silver Lining Psychiatry, Orlando understand your concerns. We understand you have  questions and concerns about your mental health. Our doctor’s take the necessary time  to fulfill their patient’s wishes and ensure that they leave the  office with a great experience. We want patients to be actively involved in their treatment and understand their treatment plan. 

Silver Lining Psychiatry understands that every single patient that walks through our doors is a completely unique individual with their own preferences and mindset. Providers understand that a generic treatment plan cannot be used like a formula on every patient. Instead, our providers create a customized treatment plan using their immense knowledge and years of experience. 

We look forward to exceeding your expectations and providing a high level of care.

Dr. Parvez’s Philosophy: “Empower patients to achieve emotional strength & obtain a sustainable clinical response with rational use of Psychotropics by following standard practice guidelines.”

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