Depression is one of the most common mood disorders suffered by millions of individuals around the United States.

Everyone feels down or low every once in a way; that being the human nature. Some people, however, experience these feelings intensely for a more extended period such as for weeks or months, even years and sometimes for no valid reason.

Depression, however, is more than just a mood experienced when you feel low. It is a severe condition that could affect the mental and even physical health of a person.

What is the root cause of Depression ?

The root cause of the condition cannot entirely be comprehended and may not come down to a single source. There could be a variety of complex factors contributing to it for getting triggered such as

• Genetics.
• The environment of the individual could affect his/her mental status.
• Changes in the structure of the brain.
• Psychological changes.
• Social surrounding of the individual.

However, there are people who would presumably be at a higher risk of being affected by this condition and include risk factors such as

Life events such as divorce, relationships, social surrounding, problems with finances, etc.

People who have a personality where their coping strategy isn’t enough to deal with certain complex situations or significant changes in life.

One major episode could increase the likelihood of another one occurring.

Trauma as a child could affect an adult’s mental perception.

Can be passed down genetically.

Depression symptoms could vary from person to person and could either be mild or incredibly severe. Symptoms include

Feelings of sadness or being in a depressed mood.

Appetite changes, causing weight loss or weight gain.

Loss of interest in performing activities that were once pleasurable.

Difficulty in sleeping or sleeping too much.

Energy would be lost and a significant increase in fatigue.

Slowed down movements or slowed speech and increase in activities that are purposeless.

Difficulty in thinking, concentration, or decision making.

Thinking about death or having suicidal thoughts.

Feeling purposeless or guilty.

Depression could often be misunderstood with sadness. The process of grieving is natural for each person and does share similar features. However, the severity is far greater for depression than it is for simply being sad.

So how can a condition as dangerous as this be prevented?

There isn’t a sure way to prevent this condition. However, there a few strategies that can be taken to tone it down before it gets worse. These strategies include

• Steps should be taken to balance out stressful activities. Finding ways to increase self-esteem and boost resilience.
• Reaching out to family members and friends could have a positive impact on the mental health status of an individual.
• Getting help at the earliest possible time could help avoid symptoms from getting worse.
• Relapse from this condition can be avoided by considering getting treatment for the long run.

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