Are You Suffering From SAD?

Are You Suffering From SAD?

All of us fear up to varying extents about being judged every time we are around others. But for some, this social anxiety poses severe implications on their day-to-day life. Thus causing the person to withdraw from all social activities including work or school.

SAD or Social Anxiety Disorder is a common mental health issue affecting a significant portion of the US population. This disorder can cause the person to appear shy, unfriendly or withdrawn. But in reality, that may not be the case.

Many have the misconceived opinion that SAD is just an elevated form of shyness that doesn’t require help. But that is not the real case. That is because while being shy or reserved doesn’t cause problems in a person’s day-to-day life. SAD can actually cause problems. Extreme cases may even be when the person does not accept job opportunities that require social interactions. Or not attending school or college due to fear of being negatively perceived by others.

Those suffering from SAD may find it stressful when being introduced to new people or when asked to speak in a public or formal setting. Being teased or criticized about looks or insecurities. Even simple social interactions such as eye contact may also seem too stressful in these cases.

Ultimately they become so anxious about how others perceive or judge them. That they tend to withdraw from society, in general, minimizing the social interactions they engage in. This fear of social settings will make it difficult for these individuals to step outside the comfort of their home. This can pose serious threats to the daily lifestyle of the individual.

After all, human beings need social interactions for survival in some way or another. And the presence of SAD can get in the way of this. The resultant extreme isolation can also lead to other major mental health problems as well.

The problem remains that many still tend to regard SAD as just a result of being shy. Or some even classify it as something being wrong with their personalities. And ultimately they decide that there is no way to get over it and decide to give in to it. But now is high time to abandon this myth entirely. SAD is now completely treatable with the help of your Psychiatrist Orlando.

There is no reason to give up on your social life when you can get the help needed. Social Anxiety Disorder is as real a disorder as any other requiring proper diagnosis and treatment. Although at first glance, withdrawal from social settings entirely seems to be a feasible solution. It is not. Giving up on your social life and taking up isolation can pose issues to your work and even personal life. That is why we insist on proper treatment.

Here at Silver Lining Psychiatry, we value mental health as much as physical health. We provide professional diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of mental health issues. There is no reason to struggle anymore when you can get the help needed from us. Call us now to prioritize your mental health to get your life back.

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